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The first thing we say to clients is “It is not about building your website – it is about building your business“. This is the foundation upon which we work.

Click on this website:  EXECUCOACH – “Building Your Business to be the Best” , spend time studying it. It is the basis on which we build websites. It will give you insight into Building Your Business, and is part of the training package we will work with you on before the website is built.

We will help you with Your Purpose and Values, Your Vision, the face you are presenting for the world to see.

We will get to know you, help you set everything out, take photos – deal with anything from a logo right through to the finished product. It is about relationships, networking, creating a “living website”, linked with social media marketing, which we will either teach you to do yourself, or will manage for you.

It is about simplicity: Get to the point – I am in a hurry! (The world’s biggest website, Google, starts with a single page.)

Depending on your site, and what your needs are, there may be additional plug-in programs, stock images that you can choose to buy.  For more complex sites. uploading of products to a shop etc, the price will fluctuate depending on your individual needs.

Here are a few of the websites we have designed – click on the logo to view them

Contact us so we can work with you and help you Build Your Business.


Websites, Professional PowerPoint Presentations, E-Books

PhotoAlbums, Photography, Design



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PowerPoint Presentations are a powerful tools when designed properly. A decent presentation takes TIME, which most people don’t have. We offer this service to help professionals present their information in a way that will help people absorb what is being taught to them.

Here is a shortened presentation created for Victor Borchers/Execucoach on LEGACY – the All Blacks success story as it relates to business. Please be patient while it loads – then click on the page/at the bottom left to navigate through the presentation. You can learn a lot from it.


Websites, Professional PowerPoint Presentations, E-Books

PhotoAlbums, Photography, Design

presenting information effectively


Information can be changed into PDF, Flipbooks, e-books. They can be uploaded to Kindle, Books. 

Youtube converted into Text 
Text into audiobooks. 

Creating your unique


Robin’s Nest:
Feathers of His Love

A story of love in the midst of dementia
PDF Download Link


Websites, Professional PowerPoint Presentations, E-Books

PhotoAlbums, Photography, Design


Discover A Creative You

Ideas are waiting out there for us to discover, to be thrown to the wind and the sky, loving the freedom of Life lived in sunshine and rain. We work with your world, creating websites, coffee table photobooks, personalised calendars – exploring everything creative.

  • Create: personalised, memory books, calendars, diaries
  • Digital photography: from your camera to a coffee table photobook:
  • Work with your pictures, enhance and save them, make them smaller to email to your friends
  • Photoshop: as you gain confidence in your ability to design, collages and other creative features are there for you to have fun
  • Movies: DVD’s. home movies, editing
  • Music: podcasts, audio books
  • E-books: download and read books on your Kindle, IPad, or other tablet
  • PowerPoint Presentations: special photos and music for others to view.


Coffee Table Books – Living Legacy

Where do photobooks fit into Life? It’s the capturing of your memories and displaying their beauty in a coffee table book.

Reliving each moment, the holidays, the memory lane, the heritage of the past when one’s memory begins to fail as one dusts off old memories, digitises slides, and scan in photos that have begun to whither, putting of them together into something special. It’s the future, the occasion, the life and laughter it brings.

Everyone has a story to tell – whether only 5 –  or 90.

Let us help you tell your story, display your heritage – 
We will either show you how to do it or do it for you.

A Living Legacy

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