Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond

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Fish Hoek 100 and Beyond was established by business and community members in Fish Hoek. We are committed to ensuring that the centenary is celebrated, creating an inclusive legacy and supporting real development of the community.

Connecting you with one another – The place where community life and businesses meet.

Input on this site:

  • This website is full of interesting areas – places where people can connect – shares lives, get involved with projects and events.
  • The very life of the website is within the communities and finding local businesses
  • This life is shared through photographs, memories, art, words and much more.
  • Donation codes are in place for people to easily donate towards the projects
  • The site is monetised through advertising – to keep the site on a larger platform as it is much bigger (due to the images etc) than a basic website
  • The website started out as a simple one – and then grew – like Topsy did. It took about 4 months, as I planned, gathered material, got to know people, and the community grew within me.

I had fun with this website, developing ideas, throwing some away, and generating life in which the community can participate.

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Websites, PhotoAlbums, Professional PowerPoint Presentations, Photography, Design

The meeting is between You and Creativity - Connect!